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Bauen im Bestand

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The compendium “Building in Existing Contexts. Between Tradition and Innovation.” deals with the perspectives, opportunities and potentials of existing buildings at a time when the challenges posed by climate change and the scarcity of resources and land are already being clearly felt. There is a new urgency to preserve and build on what already exists. At the same time, the authenticity of towns and cityscapes must be preserved, not least from the perspective of historic preservation. Thus, historic buildings create identification with a place, are architectural testimonies of the past, and are accordingly worth preserving in their own right.

On the basis of around 45 projects, the book shows outstanding architectural solutions to the central questions: How can a building be adapted to current and future uses, requirements and needs? And how can its specific identity and quality be retained?

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Book: Deutscher Architektur Verlag, Hardcover, 287 pages, ISBN: 978-3-946154-67-9

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