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67 percent less CO2

By 05/09/2022November 14th, 2022No Comments
Konversion Franz Josefs Bahnhof Einsparung CO2

The decision to convert and top up the building at Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof has a significant impact on the project’s eco-balance.

Instead of 27,595 tons of CO2 for demolition and new construction, the figure for conversion is 8,970 tons – a saving of 18,625 tons of CO2 (67 percent). Among other things, the conversion of the old building saved 122,480 tons of concrete and 10,944 tons of steel for the Althan Quarter (Francis), which is roughly equivalent to the building fabric of 660 single-family homes.


Data chart: 6B47 Real Estate GmbH
Visualisation: Woow Studio

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