Althan Quartier Francis




Works, Gastronomy, Conversion


In realisation

Start of construction

Spring 2022


1090 Vienna, Austria


Woow Studio

New life at Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof: the Althan Quartier in Vienna’s ninth district is being redesigned. The aim of the conversion project is to give the district a better place to stay and thus a better quality of life. To this end, the terminus under the name Francis is being transformed from the currently impassable barrier in the middle of the district into a transparently green centrepiece. The decision to deconstruct and upgrade the building has a significant impact on the project’s eco-balance: instead of 27,595 tonnes of CO2 for demolition and new construction, the figure for the conversion is 8,970 tonnes of CO2 – a saving of 18,625 tonnes (67 percent).

The office building will be architecturally upgraded. Dimensions and substance will be preserved, new open spaces will be created, and Julius-Tandler-Platz will become much more attractive thanks to its new appearance and increased accessibility. The use will be more diverse than before: a balanced mix of residential space, hotel, offices and shops is planned. A key focus is the design of a revitalised plinth zone.

»For Francis, we are taking the open formulation of Karl Schwanzer’s building further and creating transparency and new places.«

Friedrich Hähle, project manager




Friedrich Hähle (project manager), Robert Huebser, Maria Nardelli, Giacomo Rocco, Stefan Schubert, Mark Steinmetz, Joscha Viertauer

Built-up area

approx. 11.000 m²

Gross floor area

62.300 m²



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