Village im Dritten BF 11A




2020, 1st prize building site 11A


In planning

Gross floor area

7.688 m²


1030 Vienna, Austria


Stefan Laub

Number of flats



Stefan Schubert, Marian Stiedl, Marina Urosevic, Elena Vinogradova-Zwander

Project website

The “ParkPeak” project on site 11A is one of the important landmarks in the new Village im Dritten due to its location and height.

The main entrance is on the ground floor of the high part – facing the park promenade. It leads into an attractive, two-storey entrance area; a light installation forms a point of attraction that extends to the outside area. Along the park promenade, there is a row of pram and bicycle rooms at the same level, and on the first floor there are loft-like communal areas such as the common room and kitchen, a children’s playroom, the laundry room and the fitness room.

On the courtyard side, the first flats are also located on this level. In the concept shown, the arrangement of three town houses with direct access via the private gardens is proposed. They are particularly family-friendly, function self-sufficiently, but are connected to the rest of the house and its communal facilities with their own entrance door in the staircase area. Alternatively, storey flats accessed from the inside can be offered here, which can be formed from the standard types above. The private gardens function as a transition to the green area above the neighbouring building plots.

Particular attention is paid to the orientation of the flats in the surrounding neighbourhood space. In the corner flats, for example, the kitchens and their generous open spaces are located exclusively at the corners. In general, attention was paid to a high quality of stay in the apartment-related open spaces. Each balcony and each loggia is given a passively and actively protected area, formed either by a screen-like screen and/or a plant trough with climbing support, which can be individually designed. One segment of the open space always remains open to provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings and the parking area.

The communal roof terrace is located in the roof area of the low building section. It serves to support social and neighbourly coexistence and promotes the formation of identity with the house. The usable roof and the top of the house is designed as a so-called “sponge roof”, has a raised structure and stores rainwater through its open-pored structure. Together with the greenery, it thus contributes to a more pleasant microclimate and helps to achieve the desired climate goals in the neighbourhood.

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