TUI Blue Montafon




Hotel, Gastronomy


Completed 2020


Schruns-Tschagguns, Austria

Gross floor area

8.040 m²

Usable area

7.730 m²

Number of rooms



Josef Weichenberger



The hotel, including the fitness and spa area, is integrated into the Aktivpark Montafon. With its parallelogram-shaped ground plan, the Z-shaped building traces the Ill bed and the direction of the swimming pool road and thus forms the spatial concept to the southern slope of the site with the existing single-family house development. This creates a new spatial situation that enhances the quality of the outdoor space and gives the Aktivpark site a new identity.

The configuration of the building forms two outdoor spaces of different qualities:
The area towards the north-east, which creates a forecourt that forms the central main entrance to the hotel, restaurant and fitness/spa area and spatially incorporates the existing event tent.
The zone towards the south-east forms the outdoor area for the spa with outdoor sauna and adjoining hotel restaurant with terrace, and spatially combines the entire outdoor area of the Aktivpark into a single unit.

The Z-shaped ground plan is taken up on the west and east façades at an angle to the longitudinal direction and lends the building an accentuated horizontal linearity and an orientation and dynamism corresponding to the course of the river.

The building develops longitudinally from the base in the east in order to “take off” in the spa area, so to speak.

Generous glazing in the direction of the outdoor pool creates transparent views into and out of the surroundings.
The hotel floors are mainly located at treetop level on levels 1, 2 and 3, thus conveying the feeling of living in the midst of nature.

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